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1. About the Cookie Policy

1.1. AMUSNET SPAIN S.L., a company incorporated in Spain, with company registration number B72936230, with registered address atCalle de Velazquez, 34 , Planta 7. CP: 28002, Madrid, Spain, telephone number: +34 679 11 43 79, e-mail: [email protected] (hereinafter referred to as the “Amusnet Spain”, “Company”, “we”, “our”, “us”) is a data controller and as a data controller complies with the rules and requirements of the Spanish and European legislation on personal data protection.

1.2. The present Privacy Policy aims to inform you about how Amusnet Spain processes the personal data related to the persons specified below, for what purposes Amusnet Spain collects and processes personal data, what are the grounds for processing personal data, the term of processing personal data, what are the rights of data subjects in relation to this processing, as well as other information aimed at ensuring transparent and conscientious processing of personal data by Amusnet Spain.

1.3. With respect to the processing of personal data relating to individuals who apply for employment with us, this Privacy Policy is applicable in addition to the Privacy Notice for Job Applicants available here.


2. What types of information do we collect and why?

2.1.Amusnet Spain processes various categories of personal data necessary for the lawful and normal conduct of the Company’s business; the conclusion and execution of various contracts between the Company and third parties; the provision of services to the Company by suppliers; for the fulfilment of obligations established by a legal obligation; communication and provision of information and documents to the national and foreign public and regulatory bodies; as well as for other legal purposes related to the business activities carried out by the Company.


3.Which are the persons whose personal data is processed?

We process personal data related to the following persons (“You”):

3.1. Legal representatives, proxies, subcontractors, associates, and employees of our suppliers and business partners (“Contractors“), as well as personal data of data subjects of legal representatives, proxies, subcontractors, associates, and employees which may become our business partners;

3.2. Visitors of our Website and users of its information resources;

3.3. Persons making inquiries, requests, and other messages to us by mail, e-mail, telephone, and other means of communication;

3.4. The processing of personal data about the abovementioned data subjects is necessary for Amusnet Spain for the conclusion, execution, and/or termination of contracts; identification of beneficial owners of legal entities – our suppliers and business partners, in view of our internal policies and rules. Without processing of the said personal data, Amusnet Spain cannot enter into contracts with its Contractors or fulfil its obligations under them.


4. Contractors

4.1. The personal data that may be collected and processed by Amusnet Spain within our relations with Contractors might be the following:


5. Website visitors

5.1. When you visit our Website, we may process personal data relating to you through the use of cookies or similar technologies. For more information, please see our Cookie Policy here.

5.2. When you make requests, inquiries, and other communications to us, we may process your personal data, such as names and contact details, which you have provided to us voluntarily for the purposes of carrying out communication with you and to respond to your inquiry.


6. For what purpose does Amusnet Spain process your Personal Data?

Amusnet Spain processes personal data for the following purposes:

6.1. Processing of personal data necessary for taking actions before concluding a contract, as well as for concluding, performing, and terminating a contract with Contractors

6.2. Processing of personal data needed for compliance with a legal obligation

6.3. Processing of personal data based on legitimate interest


7. То whom may Amusnet Spain disclose your Personal Data?

7.1.Amusnet Spain may use third parties to support certain contractual activities or with regard to the performance of a legal obligation. Amusnet Spain does not provide personal data to third parties before the requirements for disclosure of personal data to third parties provided for in the applicable legislation are met.

7.2. Recipients of personal data may be third-party legal and individuals, such as:


8. What technical and organizational measures for data protection do we apply?

8.1. In accordance with applicable law, Amusnet Spain implements all necessary technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from accidental loss and unauthorized access, use, alteration, or disclosure. The Company has adopted and ensured the implementation of internal policies and procedures designed to protect information from loss, misuse, and improper disclosure.

8.2. In addition, Amusnet Spain implements information security measures, including, but not limited to, access control, strict physical protection, and robust practices for collecting, storing, and processing information, such as encryption, pseudonymization, and anonymization of the collected personal data.


9. When do we delete your Personal Data?

9.1.Amusnet Spain stores personal data within the statutory time limits, and if there are not explicitly defined statutory time limits, within the time limits set by the Company in order to achieve the purposes of the personal data processing listed above. The Company deletes personal data after the expiration of the statutory deadlines for their storage and/or achieving the purposes of data processing, but in any case, not before the final settlement of all our financial relations.

9.2. Amusnet Spain stores personal data for the following periods:

9.3. The personal data may also be processed for a longer period than the above-mentioned terms, if such processing is necessary to achieve the purposes set out therein or to protect the rights and/or legitimate interests of Amusnet Spain, or if the applicable legislation provides for the processing of such data for a longer period.


10. Do we transfer personal data outside EU/EEA?

10.1. The transfer of personal data is secured by modern technical means. In principle, Amusnet Spain does not transfer personal data to persons outside the EU / EEA. In the event that such transfer is necessary for the fulfilment of some of the above purposes, the transfer will be carried out in compliance with the requirements of applicable law.


11. What are Your rights in relation to the protection of your Personal Data?

11.1. In order to fulfil the obligations of Amusnet Spain as a Data Controller, it is important for the Company to process and maintain your Personal Data accurate and up-to-date; if necessary, you may request an update of your Personal Data, correction, and/or supplementation, for which purpose you should send an application/request to the Company in compliance with the terms and conditions provided for in the legislation on Personal Data protection.

11.2. You have certain rights related to the processing of your Personal Data provided in the GDPR, including:

11.3. Please note that Amusnet Spain does not use your Personal Data for profiling or automated decision making.

11.4. The terms and conditions for exercising your rights related to the protection of Personal Data are regulated in detail in the GDPR and the Spanish Data Protection and Digital Rights Act 3/2018. You may exercise your rights by making a written request to Amusnet Spain on the contact details provided in this Policy in accordance with the requirements of applicable law. If necessary, Amusnet Spain will provide you with full assistance in exercising the rights granted to you.

11.5. All personal data requests mentioned in Article 12.2. shall be made in writing, signed by the data subject and submitted to [email protected] or the management address of the Company.

11.6 The Company will respond to such requests by no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days (with the possibility to extend this period for particularly complex requests in accordance with applicable law), implements them if there are grounds for doing so or makes a reasoned refusal if there are reasons for doing so, indicating the right of the data subject to follow.


12. Failure to provide the information

12.1. You are under no statutory or contractual obligation to provide your personal data to the Company during the recruitment process. However, if you fail to provide us with the information needed to go through the necessary steps prior to entering into a contract with you, we may not be able to process your application properly, in full or in part.


13. Competent national supervisory authority for Personal Data Protection

Agencia Española de Protección de Datos

Address: C/ Jorge Juan, 6. 28001 – Madrid

Phone number: +34 900 293 183



14. Changes to the present Personal Data Protection Policy

14.1 This Data Protection Policy may be amended over time, and the changes made to it shall become effective promptly after being announced on the Company’s website.


This Policy is effective as of 1.08.2023. It is last amended on 25.07.2023.